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Video Diary: April 3 – 14

So Many People!

Hello all, here is another video diary entry of my trip to Minneapolis-Washington DC-Atlanta-Boston-Toronto-Chicago.

Each day I do press, some of it print, some radio, some TV. This time, I filmed more of the journalists’ questions; I find their handwriting and all the work that went into the interview pretty fascinating. Then most every night I go to a screening, either at a regional film festival or what they call a "word-of-mouth" screening usually organized by a local film society, maybe a college film group, and/or maybe a LGBT film group. I've seen the film so many times now I don't need to watch it, but I do love getting glimpses of the audience watching the film - really the only time the film comes to life for me. I finally got it together to shoot the audiences that have been coming, really a filmmaker's dream. Thanks to the Minneapolis International Film Festival - I got to see the Mississippi River! And to the Boston LGBT Film Festival - you made me feel so at home!