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I know, 6 minutes is just too long, but 3 countries and traveling with a very funny Mélanie Laurent just ate up the time!

By this point, I'm feeling like a very fortunate, if fairly exhausted, filmmaker. Getting a theatrical release in Europe as well as at home (nothing to take for granted in this day and age!!) and having such a generous response to the film has been fairly mind-blowing. I know this sounds all too happy, but I have to say, it's a real trip to meet a bunch of Berliners or Parisians or Londoners that connect to your story - there is such a thing as communication and connection?! In this diary entry my growing obsession with journalists’ questions hit its peak: so interesting to me the way all these different people write up and structure and formulate the film! If you think I film my press experience too much, that's ‘cause it’s mostly what I do on these trips! Luckily there's Mademoiselle Laurent around to break it up - and even more luckily I captured her at her 5Pm to 6PM comedy hour.

To everyone at the International screening in Berlin, that was a very special night!! To everyone at MK2 and our Paris premiere - it was a huge dream of mine to premiere a film I made in Paris (kind of my cinematic home). To the British Royal Air Force - thanks for the fly-by.