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3-13-11 SXSW

Dear strangers, my tour begins. I'm going to try to do some video diaries and some photo diaries along the way, it actually keeps me sane, and much less passive, to find something creative to do along the way. SXSW was so much fun, to all of you who came to only the 3rd and 4th screenings of the film, thank you, I really really loved doing the Q and A's with you all. To the 3 lovely volunteers who got on stage with me and pretended to be Ewan McGregor, Melanie Laurent, and Christopher Plummer for me, (boy wasn't that intimate!) I meant everything I said to you. So, here's my first video diary where you'll meet some of the people and places that I visited, including really strange local birds that make sounds like digital recordings, the cutest kid in Texas, and communicating with pepper shaker and some crackers.