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the film Beginners.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present Andy Chojnacki, our handsome and talented young Key Grip. As a director I might be a Grip and Gaffer's nightmare in that I really don't like or trust equipment. I’m pretty much a luddite. I hate techno-heads, cranes, even dollies. Well, hate's a strong word, but I ask to use skateboard dollies and just put the tripod on top of that - it just sets a "we're going to keep this simple" tone. We had incredibly little lights, as few trucks as humanly possible, all things Grips don't usually like  - but Andy here embraced the whole process with grace and enthusiasm and did great, effective work. There's nothing better than working with someone like Andy, someone totally in love with what they do, hungry, enthusiastic and sensitive to the story we were trying to tell! Andy, Jeff our Gaffer, and Kasper our DP made a wonderful trio; a really inspiring collaboration developed between them - their all around gracious-good-spirit was a big part of why making this film was so fun.
Here is Andy, awesome father, inventive Grip (like, MacGyver inventive), and actually kinda emo under those tattoos. But I reveal too much. Andy, thanks a ton for the So Cal Grips jacket, my wife thinks I look tough in it!

Here we go

1. Favorite color and your Astrological sign,
Royal blue and I'm a Pisces

2. If you could travel in time, to what moment, era, epoch would you go?
Cowboys and Indian times! Late 1800s, I think it was?

3. If the number 5 was a color, what color would it be?
5 would be blue

4. In 3 sentences, or less, how did you get into your present line of work?

5. If you were an animal what animal would you be?

6. Any memory about Beginners you'd like to share?
When I first meet Ewan. First day of shooting. We had a dolly move and we had to time out him walking towards camera and over the track. Someone asked, do you need to work on timing and I said, standing right next to Mr. McGregor, "It's fine, we’ll just use the force"
Lame , sorry Ewan! Ha ha

And every other time I saw that look in your eyes, Mr. Mills, when we shooting and capturing a scene that was once possibly real life, then to paper and now on film!

7. You're leaving for a desert Island tonight, forever, you can bring one book and one record; which ones?
The Bible. I'm not religious , but there a lot of great stories in it.  Jane’s Addiction's Ritual de lo Habitual

8. If you were a character from the Muppets, which one?

9. If you had a memoir, what would the title be?
Full speed ahead, the life and times of Rooster
    Ha ha ha

10. If you could ask me any question what would it be?
Were you ever hesitant to open up to the world and tell this story?

And maybe what's the next project?