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Jennifer's just about the hardest-working, most stylish, most calm, strongest, best-dressed, most charming to be around, most colorfully dressed, most hairless cat-loving, best at instigating a good vibe with the actors, dedicated, most SAS shoe-wearing, really loving woman you could hope to have on your set. I love what she did with everyone’s clothes - the way they are an extension of their personalities, their stories. And when there's a storm, and the boat is really rocking and people are going overboard and the mast is broken and the sails are all torn, you can look over at Jennifer and she'll just calmly look back at you and you'll know that everything is alright. Here she is in her own words answering my ever-incisive questions. And to answer her question, right now the book in front of my dog Zoë's bowl is "Living With Your Border Collie", ‘cause you know - it's complicated being a border collie.

1. Favorite color and your Astrological sign,

When i was a child it was Navy Blue but now my favorite color is Red. Aries

2. If you could travel in time, to what moment, era, epoch would you go?

i would like to see the animals and plants of the jurassic period. Though i am really worried i might get scooped up by a really large bird.

3. If the number 5 was a color, what color would it be?


4. In 3 sentences, or less, how did you get into your present line of work?

tim koh, katherine watson, geoff mcfetridge

5. If you were an animal what animal would you be?

a house cat with a dog door

6. Any memory about Beginners you'd like to share?

Filming at the Neutra Lovell Health House. The house is perched high up above Griffith Park. Some foggy mornings the house felt like a cloud. I remember a woman playing French Horn or was it cello? She was there only before the days filming began. Mike always took care of us. The actors used the bedrooms in the house to change costumes, read over lines, or take a break. Christopher wasn't sure that the old house was so "Modern" anymore. He always appreciated my silver nursing shoes. Ewan ate lunch with us on the front lawn and made us all feel at ease. The crew often took snapshots of the skyline when the sun was setting. It was a magical week!

7. You're leaving for a desert Island tonight, forever, you can bring one book and one record; which ones?

It’s a toss-up between The Encyclopedia Britannica or The Brothers Karamazov. Rachmaninoff or Sun Ra. i flip a coin. or hide them all in my backpack!

8. If you were a character from the Muppets, which one?

Janice. she has great style, plays in a rock band, and is a veterinary nurse!

9. If you had a memoir, what would the title be?

The Adventures of Pollywog Pond Frog.

10. If you could ask me any question what would it be?

Mike: what book is currently next to your dog Zoë's bowl? and if she directed a film what would the title be?