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Loves of a Blonde

Milos Forman, 1965

This film feels so quick and light and at ease with itself. So spontaneous and unexpected and real. This little love scene influenced me a lot, actually Milos Forman’s whole approach in the early days did; mixing professional and non-professional actors, not giving people written dialogue but just telling the actors “you want X, go get it." The results feel so unplanned , operating outside our shared world of clichés, daring to go with itself and all its idiosyncracies. He was a genius at trusting all the ways his film was not “correct” and finding ways for those oddities and irregularities to be catchy, fun, informative. The blocking of this scene, the framing, the cuts, what the cuts leave out, the strange dialogue that both gets to something really real about couples and love and is simultaneously very funny – I love all that. I wish I spoke Czech.