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the film Beginners.

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[Photo Credit: Mike Mills]


If you were worried that it was strange, or outlandish, or at least really pushing your own sense of decency to create a film about some of the more intimate, vulnerable-making questions of your parents and yourself, wait until you make a trailer and advertisements for that film! While you tried to show all the humor that came with these unanswerable questions, and how much we all share these emotions, on the day when your trailer appears on Apple, you still might feel Rather Exposed. Simply put, it feels as curious and out of control as a dream, seeing the film broadcast out into the world. Luckily I’m in the very smart and thoughtful hands of the people at Focus. And, even more luckily, so many people have been really kind and generous in their response to it - especially my family. There were many times when it seemed very likely that as much as desperately I wanted it, this film might not happen, and so, it's kinda hard to imagine how it got out of my head and is running around in the world. Like the first time I saw one of our location signs out in the world (picture above) and I thought to myself, "How is someone else making a film with the same title as mine?"

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