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the film Beginners.

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Images that pointed the way

As I was writing the script I kept a file of things that felt like what I hoped the film would be. Little clues or reminders or signs in the forest that said “the world you want is this way”. Some of these things were obvious, a William Eggleston photo, a Robert Adams photo, but the things that weren’t so directly related to film or photography were often the richest for me. Often, I didn't know why I picked it, and wouldn't question it too much, just stick it in the file. I just looked through the file and came across this bit of rug, I think I got off of fffound  or some site like that. Oh lord, this is a beautiful thing no? It’s not that I wanted my film to look like this; borrow its colors or design, but it gets at what I wanted my film to feel like: Dense, unpredictable, heterogeneous, emotionally vivid, like some strange dense bouquet of many elements.