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I'm a director, writer, photographer, aspiring explorer and retired magician living in Cape Town, South Africa

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Winterthur Day Last...

Posted November 16, 2010

Last night in Winterthur. Walked the length and breadth of this silent city (made even more surreal by the fact there is a visiting delegation of hearing impaired soccer teams, signing there way across town. For real) This really is a place where you can hear your own thoughts, at present not such a good thing for me. I suppose I have a lot on my mind. I'm tempted to insert my credit card into the nearest autobank just to prove to myself I exist. Yes, folks, it's a meltdown, not surprisingly as a result of the schizoid experience of watching an estimated 160 films within 4-5 days - a barrage of visions, highs and downers. I purposely made the decision to completely immerse myself in films while here, ensuring I caught a screening in every possible slot (also with with alterior motive of spending more time in the cinema and less socializing... but not really). But what was I hoping to gain from this? If a good film ideally gives you something to take home with you, then an entire festival of shorts should at least provide you with a forklift to transport the swag. And it has. Now I'm looking at all these technicoloured goodies, pearly with wisdom, and thinking, now what? How do I use this? And does it go with the carpet?


I'm very grateful. Because for all the artistic and personal confusion I'm currently suffering from, there really can be no way I can return home the same filmmaker I was before. I fell like I've learnt things, been exposed to the rituals of far-flung cults, viewed up close the the mechanisms of mysterious machines. Things have changed. And that is never a bad thing.