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I'm a director, writer, photographer, aspiring explorer and retired magician living in Cape Town, South Africa

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Winterthur Day 3...

Posted November 16, 2010

See, the fact is I find it hard to make friends. Doing it in 'real life' is hard enough, but in the shifting, glutinous world of the film festival, the weight drags heavy. So what a pleasure it is to bump into people from festivals past - seeing Davide in his black fur jacket, waiting in a corner before the screening of his awesome film GIARDINI DI LUCE (a ghostly ode to man's celebrations and impermanence, a bird's eye view of the come-and-gone fireworks of life), I almost keel over with happiness. Also seeing Paul Wright (UNTIL THE RIVER RUNS RED, already discussed) again - wonderful. And these guys are really good at what they do. It's an honor to be known and recognized by them, let alone have a film screened alongside theirs. 

Check out Davide's site over here to see what this great Italian experi-mentalist is up to.

So, some temporary allies to ad to the mix when navigating the marshy ground of cocktail mixers and the like - 'Long live the new flesh!' as I've taken to saying when things go well. Aside from being a Videodrome quote, this is also the title of Nicolas Provost's competition short - screened here and in Berlin and no doubt elsewhere - wow, it's great. Provost digitally degrades, pixellates, warps and artefact-izes footage from horror films, from The Shining, to total schlock-fests I don't recognize, with healthy doses of irony and Cronenberg. The result is a fantasmagoria of digital decay that hints at death, our bodies, what compels and revolts us, and where we may be headed as a civilization. Absolutely Awesome. Five stars - and I gave it so.  

More Nicolas Provost over here (or at the very least this excerpt from LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH)- share with your friends, ad to your art-cred rating, and most of all, enjoy.