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I'm a director, writer, photographer, aspiring explorer and retired magician living in Cape Town, South Africa

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Posted November 29, 2010

I want to cry. Partly for myself (what else is new), but mostly for Francis Ford Coppola. I just saw Tetro. The maker of my favourite film of all time has just broken my heart. And I can't even take solace in the fact that it's in exquisite monochrome because ... well, he's done exquisite monochrome. What's more, he's done Mickey Rourke in exquisite monochrome.  I feel like I have just faced Death. And I caught him watching Christopher Nolan movies. Wow. That is so harsh. I feel worse now.

What can I say to feel better, other than, 'look to the good times.' We're now in the mercurial, end of year territory, when everything starts losing perspective in the light of another year ending and what all THAT means (if anything). I'm busy gathering the troupes (those inside my head) for another attack on the draft - we're moving into 12. It's all feeling so CLOSE... I'm wondering if it is. I cut all my hair off in the hope it would make me a better writer. But all it did was make me look in the mirror more. I think I've said it before, but the only thing worse than having someone hold up the progress of your project is when that person is you. Maybe, it is as Kisha says, I'm not Aaron Sorkin...... but as I replied at the time... BUT I WANT TO BE AARON SORKIN!!! I do. But alas. I'm also just getting to the point where I just want to direct (something other than insurance-related ads which is what I'm doing at the moment)... I must do more in my spare time... I must I must I must.....

Wow, but I saw Black Narcissus, and THAT was awesome. 'Sister Clodagh, Sister Clodagh, Sister Clodagh...' I feel better already....