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I'm a director, writer, photographer, aspiring explorer and retired magician living in Cape Town, South Africa

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In 2046 nothing ever changes...

Posted June 14, 2010

If this post were to start in all the ways I have intended to start it over the weeks since I last blogged, it would begin like this: Summer is coming to and end, autumn has arrived, finally I think Winter has set in. Cape Town is glorious in the last days of sun, while leaves pile in the gutters causing floods and much tramping fun for children, dogs and myself, and the air has become cold and forboding. In short, the weather is hotcoolwarmfreezingcold. In short, what I am trying to say is time is passing. So much so that I had an existential crisis and have decided to take a holiday which I can't really afford but feel I need. In a few days I go to Hong Kong, where I will probably harass locals with incessant pestering about Wong Kar Wai filming locations, and attempts to stalk Tony Leung. 

But the reason I've been silent is I've been feeling suspended in limbo recently - I'm sure anyone who has attended a major festival with their film feels the same. So much can happen, and does. And yet you're sometimes stuck playing the waiting game. But all is good. What news? A number of highs recently:
Most interestingly, Tok Tokkie has been accepted into the Durban Film Finance Forum, or Market. This is super. But also mad an terrifying. There are 12 projects (including docs) from all over Africa. And some are people who HAVE ACTUALLY MADE FILMS BEFORE. So how we slipped in is a mystery. And then I remind myself that our (still using the royal plural as Pierre pointed out to me - when actually it's me and my long suffering ego) concept is quite enticing - ghostbusters of Cape Town (sort of). I think this film could quite happily have tottered along with me attempting to do everything myself, and would still have worked out. But this is great because I now have the opportunity to take it to the next level. And in a way most importantly, it'll be my first finance/market experience, a great place to learn the ropes, because undoubtedly these things will continue to feature in life. So now I just have to be able to convince intelligent and experienced adult professionals that I know what I'm doing. Piece of cake. If a large an intimidating cake... like a Black Forest perhaps. 
The Tunnel continues to screen: from Germany to Seattle to Bulgaria to Russia - people have been seeing the film. It's really lovely. 
Then, lastly, and not leastly, my greatest triumph to date: because of me, Die Antwoord watched 'Sin Nombre'. Wa hey! 
so! Plan: Finish current music video for awesome hip hop band ETC Crew. Finish my Xhosa course. Write. Go to Hong Kong. Come back via Johannesburg, try interview Lloyd Ross (owner of Shifty Records and hero - for a film I'm co-writing with Martin). Return to Cape Town. WRITE! Go to Film Mart. And then... Shoot a feature. 
Yes? Yes. 
By the way, here is the music video I made for The Curious Incident - Cape Town band. It has smoke, lights and drum majorettes. Enjoy. 


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