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I'm a director, writer, photographer, aspiring explorer and retired magician living in Cape Town, South Africa

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Posted September 14, 2009

Yo - so it's 16:30 and our premiere as such is at 18:00. My first ever premiere if you don't count film school screenings or music video launches. My first time at a real cinema, and only the fact that we're projecting off DVD takes off a little of the lustre. The 5.1, however, makes up for it. 

In the hours that precede leaving for the cinema, I find myself pretty useless at doing anything constructive. Suddenly things like what to wear become important. The 60s flourescent yellow skirt inherited from my grandmother, that I had planned on wearing, has been unanimously vetoed. So have settled with the Mickey Mouse Tshirt, scavanged from one of the guerillas on set, and which is my number one cause of copyright anxiety. As there's still time before Jacques picks me up, have decided to drown myself in pretty pictures and watch Christopher Doyle's Away With Words, which has just hit the shelves here. 

All seats are booked out, which is pretty exciting, I suppose, but I'm too suspended in some sort of numbing limbo to take much notice. Luckily, Jan Hendrik is around to keep things interesting - calling me to say that there's been a technical problem with the DVD. He was lying. Obviously. 

Ah! OK, well hopefully things go well. Yes. Laters.

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Screenings. And "Excitement of the Mind"...

Posted September 08, 2009

Ahoy. So So so. Our first official screening is set. At a cinema. My first cinema screening. Even if it is off DVD (curses!). Here is your invitation:

The Tunnel Invite

Abyss Boys Invite

Thank you Hannes for the design!

As you can see, no doubt, The Tunnel is screening with Jan-Hendrik's film, The Abyss Boys. Wa-hey, company is great. If you're in the CT area, let me know. I'll save you a seat. We've booked a 100 seater, which I'm now worrying may not be big enough... have never organised an event like this... this is usually David's turf... ah well, if I'd said that in the beginning, then where would I be now?

Have just returned from the gracefully wilted and slowly fading, pastel city of Durban. What a place. Took some great photos. Felt the sun for the first time in a while. Feel like a giant battery is slowly charging, making that satisfying and anticipatory high-pitched buzz before the flash goes off. and how bright a flash it could be. we'll see. "Excitement of the mind" as Werner Herzog says. And he knows. He knows. Read some great diamonds-scrounged-from-gritty-rapid-tossed-river-beds of wisdom here.

All for now. And one for all. 


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