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Focus Features works to spread environmental consciousness throughout our company's offices globally and to each individual. We hope you enjoy our "FOCUS ON GREEN" blog where we share ideas and tips for how we can get involved and become more environmentally responsible.

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Recycled Art

Posted December 11, 2009



In honor of Green Week, NBC Universal employees helped turn trash into beauty, literally! By compiling old and unwanted stuff, employees were able to create an eco-trash art piece. Amongst the materials used for it were lots of old discarded DVD’s, cell phones, blackberry’s, ‘vinyl’ records, etc., that would have been trashed otherwise. Many of the DVD’s actually came from Focus Features’ NY office. When not contributing to a unique art experience, things like the items listed above are actually recycled. We have bins located throughout our offices, in LA, NY and London, for different items such as batteries (which become hazardous waste if dumped in a landfill), DVD’s, plastic bags, bottles & cans, paper, etc. Be sure to keep all of the recycling efforts up in your workplace AND at home-it really does make a difference!


What special measures do you, your friends & family, and your office take to recycle?