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Focus Features works to spread environmental consciousness throughout our company's offices globally and to each individual. We hope you enjoy our "FOCUS ON GREEN" blog where we share ideas and tips for how we can get involved and become more environmentally responsible.

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10 Green Ideas Sponsored by the Clinton Foundation

Posted June 13, 2011


In honor of Earth Day the Clinton Foundation urged followers via Facebook to submit ways in which they have personally promoted a greener environment in their own communities.  The foundation selected the 10 best ideas and circulated them in a weekly newsletter.  Most ideas were simple, such as,  “When you see misplaced garbage, just pick up- even one handful- and throw it in the nearest trash bin. If ten people did it every day it would make our cities, parks and beaches a little cleaner. – Michael, Facebook”. This is an example of how inspired, individual action and social media can build a strong message.  See the rest of the list here: Top 10 Green Ideas.