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Anne Kronenberg is Deputy Director for Administration and Planning of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. She has been with the Department for nearly 15 years, serving in a number of previous capacities including Director of External Affairs, Public Information Officer, and Government Relations.

In her current role there, she is responsible for department-wide planning initiatives including disaster preparedness, pre-hospital emergency medical services, medical surge, multiple casualty incidents, and mass prophylaxis planning. She also has responsibility for the Department’s strategic planning efforts and performance monitoring; grants management, public information, targeted case management and state and federal legislation are also within her purview.

Anne was appointed to the State Board of Podiatric Medicine in 1998, serving as the President of the Board for 3 years and Vice President for 2. Prior to her tenure with the Department of Public Health, she was Director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Criminal Justice Council from 1991-1994.

She co-chaired the San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board for 3 years, and has chaired the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Single Room Occupancy Task Force since its inception in 1998. 

Anne has extensive government experience, having worked at the federal level for Senator Ted Kennedy; at the state level for Assemblyman John Vasconcellos; and at the local level on both the legislative and executive sides of government.

She began her long career in government service as an aide to Supervisor Harvey Milk, after having been campaign manager for his historic election to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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Harvey Milk on the Ultimate Stage

Posted October 30, 2008

The premiere of Milk…Wow. I am still blown away. What an amazing evening. What an amazing cast. What an amazing movie. It took 30 years, but we finally have an accurate, moving, powerful Hollywood film depicting the life of Harvey Milk. He is not portrayed as a saint, but rather as the very real man that he was; it isn't a puff piece. Milk highlights the struggles of the Lesbian and Gay movement and the inner workings of the man who changed the entire nature of the movement. Harvey is LOVING this – I have felt his presence through the entire production of Milk. I could almost see him walking down the red carpet at the premiere, bowing, throwing kisses, and generally entertaining the masses. Harvey's life was theatre and Tuesday's premiere was the ultimate stage.

Gus Van Sant and writer Dustin Lance Black put together a remarkable production, relying on those of us who lived and worked with Harvey to ensure its authenticity. I will forever be grateful to their vision and humility. Sean Penn nails Harvey's character. How awesome to have a famous, accomplished, straight Hollywood actor playing a gay man. Who could have imagined this 30 years ago? If he doesn't win the Oscar for Best Actor, I will be shocked. In fact, every part of this film has Oscar written all over it.

Pretty weird seeing yourself portrayed up there on celluloid - Alison Pill did a fabulous job. I am honored to have played a small part in making history and making this movie.