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The Years of the Berlin Film Festival

Updated February 11, 2010

The Berlinale turns 60 this year. What a strange journey it’s been.

Slide 1: 2010 - The Berlin Film Festival
Slide 2: 1951 - The Festival Starts
Slide 3: 1955 - Germany Steps Up
Slide 4: 1958 - The Festival Opens Up
Slide 5: 1961 - A Cultural Divide
Slide 6: 1965 - Different Programs
Slide 7: 1971 - Starting All Over Again
Slide 8: 1974 - Cold War Thaws
Slide 9: 1978 - A New Director, a New Date
Slide 10: 1979 - International Conflict
Slide 11: 1982 - Germany Divided
Slide 12: 1987 - The East Comes West
Slide 13: 1990 - A New Berlin
Slide 14: 1996 - The Festival at Full Tilt
Slide 15: 2000 - An Anniversary and new Home.
Slide 16: 2004 - A Different Type Of German Film
Slide 17: 2006 - An International Duty
Slide 1: 2010 - The Berlin Film Festival

Slide 1: 2010 - The Berlin Film Festival

The Berlin Film Festival lights up the city.

The Berlin Film Festival turns 60 this year, with no signs of slowing down. For Focus Features, two upcoming films––Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg and Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids are All Right––are in competition, and Yuen Woo Ping’s martial arts extravaganza True Legend (which is being handled by Focus International) is in the Berlinale Special category. Of course, there are many more films than these three. The festival that now screens nearly 400 films from some 130 countries didn’t start out that way. To get a sense of what the life of a film festival looks like, we’ve picked select years to profile (with much help from Festival’s extensive historical archive.)