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The Future of Sperm

Updated July 20, 2010

The reproductive technology at the heart of The Kids Are All Right is, as Joel Bleifuss reports, part of the wild and wacky history around artificial insemination.

Slide 1: The New Family Comedy
Slide 2: The New Family Drama
Slide 3: The Old Family Drama
Slide 4: The Old Family Scandal
Slide 5: The Family Scandal Today
Slide 6: The Making of the New Family
Slide 7: The Marketing of the New Family
Slide 8: The Beautiful New Family
Slide 9: The New Family Horror Story
Slide 10: The Forbidden Future Family
Slide 11: The Super Smart Future Family
Slide 12: The Future of Family Secrets
Slide 13: The Future Fight for Family
Slide 14: The Future of Sperm
Slide 1: The New Family Comedy

Slide 1: The New Family Comedy

Lisa Cholodenko’s comedy The Kids Are All Right celebrates core family values: the responsibility of people to be loving parents, of kids to be good children and of family members to be there for each other. The twist in this film is that the two parents are a lesbian couple, Nic (Annette Bening) and Jules (Julianne Moore). The drama is provided by the arrival on the scene of Paul (Mark Ruffalo), the Y-guy (as in Y chromosomes). Paul is the “sperm contributor” (the politically correct term for sperm donor), who helped Nic and Jules’ two children come into the world.