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People in Film | Stephen Dorff

Updated November 01, 2010

The lowdown on Stephen Dorff, who plays movie star Johnny Marco in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere.

Stephen Dorff | Somewhere Boy
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Stephen Dorff | Somewhere Boy

Stephen Dorff | Somewhere Boy

In Somewhere, Stephen Dorff plays Johnny Marco, a movie star who is living at the Chateau Marmont hotel with his 11-year-old daughter Cleo, played by Elle Fanning. Dorff himself knows something about growing up close to the entertainment industry: his father is songwriter and music producer Steve Dorff, the man who wrote the theme song to the Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way But Loose, and Dorff has childhood memories of being around Eastwood, and legendary singers Ray Charles and Johnny Cash. And getting a sniff of the grease paint inevitably drew Dorff to become part of the showbiz world himself. During his teenage years, he began appearing in TV shows (The New Leave It To Beaver, Diff’rent Strokes) and then gained traction from his performances in the sci-fi feature The Gates (1987), his big screen debut, and TV movies like Mutts and Hiroshima Maiden (both 1988).