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People in Film | Saoirse Ronan

Updated March 09, 2011

Already a favorite of great directors, this young Irish talent has one of film’s most promising careers before her.

Saoirse Ronan | A Precocious Talent
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Saoirse Ronan | A Precocious Talent

Saoirse Ronan | A Precocious Talent

In Joe Wright's pulsating thriller Hanna, the eponymous teenager is no ordinary girl: brought up by her ex-spy father in the wilds of Finland, she is trained to fight, to kill, to think on her feet––and, above all, to survive at all costs. Naturally, it took an exceptional actress to play the part, and Saoirse Ronan––an experienced actress, despite celebrating her 16th birthday during the movie's production––was the perfect choice. “She has a couple of qualities that I think a great actor needs,” says one of her previous directors, Peter Jackson. “You’ve got to be ferociously smart and bright, and you also have to be incredibly brave and courageous. She reminds me of a young Cate Blanchett, actually.” Fittingly, it is Blanchett herself who plays Hanna's nemesis, Marissa Wiegler, the ruthless CIA agent out to get her.