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People in Film | Lisa Cholodenko

Updated July 14, 2010

Lisa Cholodenko, Filmmaker
Lisa Cholodenko, Filmmaker-to-be
Lisa Cholodenko, Writer-Director
Lisa Cholodenko, TV Director
Lisa Cholodenko, LA Director
Lisa Cholodenko, Filmmaker

Lisa Cholodenko, Filmmaker

When Lisa Cholodenko set off to cast The Kids Are All Right, one of her greatest assets in attracting talent was herself. In the last decade, Lisa Cholodenko has emerged as one of the most respected filmmakers of her generation. “This was a serious director that I was being approached by,” Annette Bening told us about being asked to appear in The Kids Are All Right. “I had seen High Art and I had seen Laurel Canyon; I loved those movies. I thought there was something very imaginative and specific about the characters and the story and the filmmaking.” Indeed, in The Kids Are All Right, as in her other films, Cholodenko creates in-depth, complicated characters whose defects, as well as virtues, are easy to identify with.