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People in Film | George Clooney

Updated July 21, 2010

From early TV spots to anchoring feature films, George Clooney has slowly emerged as one of the world’s most determined––and desired––movie stars.

George Clooney, The American
George Clooney, TV Actor
George Clooney, Serious Actor
George Clooney, Comic Talent
George Clooney: Filmmaker, Producer, Writer
George Clooney, Humanitarian
George Clooney, The American

George Clooney, The American

In The American, George Clooney plays Jack, a weapons maker for professional assassins and a killer himself, who suddenly finds himself at the opposite end of a gun sight. In many ways, the character fits Clooney: smart, handsome, worldly. But the character is hardly the man, who in addition to being voted “sexiest man alive,” is a writer, director, producer and humanitarian. Indeed, as The American director Anton Corbijn told us, Clooney is able to weave all of these identities together: “he’s a director’s favorite in terms of understanding what a director needs from an actor. He’s directed three films and so he knows that it’s very important to have an actor who’s on set. So George is never in the trailers. He’s on set and ready.”