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People in Film | Elle Fanning

Updated October 26, 2010

Elle Fanning may have started as her older sister Dakota’s double, but with Somewhere she shows she has a marvelous talent all her own.

Elle Fanning is Somewhere
Ellen Fanning Comes from Somewhere
Elle Fanning Goes Somewhere
Elle Fanning Has Been Somewhere with Focus
Elle Fanning is Somewhere

Elle Fanning is Somewhere

In Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere, Elle Fanning plays Cleo, the mature daughter of an adolescent movie star Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff). She may be only 12 years old, but for critics and fans alike, it’s clear that she is not only a match for, but also an asset to, every adult in the film. In his Variety review, Justin Chang notes, “Fanning matches [Dorff] nuance for nuance, rendering their onscreen relationship effortlessly convincing.” Screen International’s Mark Adams echoes the sentiment, highlighting that “Fanning is wonderful as the self-confident but also rather fragile Cleo, and Dorff’s performance reaches new levels when they are on-screen together.” In casting Elle to play Cleo, Coppola realized that the young lady was a force all herself: “You want to watch Elle; she stands out, she has this sparkle, she is full of life, and she brings so much to Somewhere. I tried not to interfere too much with what she was doing, because she’s so good and was so instinctual.”