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People in Film | Anton Corbijn

Updated July 21, 2010

From making videos for U2 to a featue film about Joy Division to a thriller with George Clooney, Anton Corbijn expands his creative sphere.

Anton Corbijn, Director of The American
Anton Corbijn, A Member of the Band
Anton Corbijn, Beyond the Music
Anton Corbijn, A Man in Control
Anton Corbijn, Truly Blessed
Anton Corbijn, Director of The American

Anton Corbijn, Director of The American

Anton Corbijn is not unlike George Clooney’s protagonist in The American, the expat hitman holed up in an Italian village. Corbijn, just like Clooney’s Jack, is a man who moved to a foreign country and now quietly makes his living doing something that requires few words: shooting people. Of course, it’s very important to stress that UK-based Dutch transplant Corbijn uses a camera rather than a gun: after becoming one of the most celebrated photographers in the world, Corbijn transitioned to directing films in 2007 with Control, his Cannes award-winning biopic of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. The American is his second feature.