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People in Film | Anne Hathaway

Updated May 04, 2011

From teen princess to Emma Morley, Anne Hathaway is a talent that commands our attention.

Anne Hathaway | Bringing Emma Morley to Screen
Anne Hathaway | Born to Perform
Anne Hathaway | A
Anne Hathaway | From Princess to Movie Star
Anne Hathaway | An Artist and an Activist
Anne Hathaway | Bringing Emma Morley to Screen

Anne Hathaway | Bringing Emma Morley to Screen

For Anne Hathaway, the star of Lone Scherfig’s romance One Day, the project was love at first word. She told Imogen Carter of The Guardian about reading the script: “It was one of those magical experiences where I sat at my kitchen table, looked up hours later and dinner had been eaten around me. I was so engrossed. It was absurd to think that this beloved British character would be played by an American but I told my agent I have to play Emma Morley.” And despite Hathaway’s disclaimer, the director Lone Scherfig was thrilled with Hathaway’s take on Emma: “Anne is a very warm actress. She has the warmth of Elizabeth Taylor or Judy Garland … I love Emma as she is in the book, obviously, but I also love Anne Hathaway's version of her." In One Day, the young, impressionable Emma Morley meets the roguish Dexter (Jim Sturgess) on the day they graduate from college. The book and movie then chronicles their complex history together by checking in on them one day each year. And year after year, Emma slowly blossoms into a smart, beautiful and sage woman, it’s a transformation that Hathaway’s characters make often.