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Park City, Utah

Updated March 10, 2010

FilmInFocus checks into Park City to look at this Utah ski town and the Sundance Film Festival to which it plays host.

Park City, Utah
Park City Shuttle
Sundance Film Festival
Focus at Sundance
Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

In 1868, stray soldiers stumbled upon silver deposits in the Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City, a discovery that brought all sorts of adventurers to the secluded valley. On July 4, 1872, the area gained its name when a Mormon polygamist called George Snyder raised a flag (created by his third wife Rhoda) over his boarding house proclaiming the town Parley’s Park City. And while the current Park City bears faint resemblance to its ragtag origins, locals will testify that the founding spirit of rugged independence (as well as “get rich quick” enthusiasm) can be found every January when the Sundance Film Festival takes up home in Park City.

For our Movie City: Park City, we look at the town from a range of angles. Photographer and journalist Ray Pride shares his personal pictorial moments from recent Sundance Film Festivals, while Scott Macaulay blogs about the current edition of the fest. Nick Dawson is taking a look at the roots of the Sundance Film Festival, and we’ll look at Focus Features’ ongoing special relationship with Sundance.