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Movie City | Rome, Italy

Updated August 24, 2010

To mark the forthcoming release of The American, which was partly shot in Rome, the latest series of Movie City articles focuses on the myriad movie moments to be had in the Italian capital.

Rome | The Eternal City
Rome | City of Movies
Rome | Studio City
Rome | City of Movie Theaters
Rome | Film Festival City
Rome | The Eternal City

Rome | The Eternal City

An old proverb says that “All roads lead to Rome,” and that’s certainly true for Jack, George Clooney’s hitman in The American, who flees to the Italian capital after his quiet existence in the Arctic north is abruptly and brutally disturbed. In Anton Corbijn’s movie, Jack doesn’t hang around in the Eternal City, but instead keeps on going into the heart of the Italian countryside in the hope of finding safety and seclusion. However, it’s fair to say that only people who are on the run and fearful of their lives would stop so briefly in Rome, a dazzling city rich in thousands of years of history and also a hub of international filmmaking.