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Mark Ruffalo

Updated May 24, 2010

FilmInFocus takes a closer look at one of the stars of The Kids Are All Right, Mark Ruffalo.

A Classic Sensibility
Theater Thespian
A Star with Range
A Director's Actor, An Actor's Director
Good With Kids
A Classic Sensibility

A Classic Sensibility

Ten years ago, The Kids Are All Right star Mark Ruffalo exploded onto the American independent movie scene with his remarkable performance as Laura Linney’s damaged brother Terry in writer-director Kenneth Lonergan’s poignant drama You Can Count on Me (2000). Critics were immediately placed Ruffalo in a great tradition of American screen actors. Variety’s Emanuel Levy said that “Ruffalo's part brings to mind the outsiders played by Marlon Brando, Burt Lancaster and William Holden,” while Stephen Holden of the New York Times said that “Mr. Ruffalo's star-making performance deserves to be added to the list of charismatic, grownup lost boys that includes the Marlon Brando of A Streetcar Named Desire and the Jack Nicholson of Easy Rider.” Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers also drew lofty comparisons, writing that “stage actor Ruffalo scores a breakthrough, giving his role an intimate intensity that bears comparison to early Brando and the late James Dean.”