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Jane Eyre and 10 Other Scary Houses Movies

Updated February 23, 2011

Something’s not quite right up at Thornfield Hall, as Mia Wasikowska discovers in Cary Fukunaga’s new adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel. Consider these other films where something is not quite right at home.

Jane Eyre and the World of Scary Houses
There’s No Place Like a Haunted Home
The Innocents: Henry James’ Turn on Jane Eyre
The Haunting: The Science of Scary
The Shining: The Places that Drive You Mad
Demon Seed: The Ghost in the Machine
Suspiria: A Maze in Real Estate
The Others: Everyone Haunts Someone
The Orphanage: Horror Stripped Bare
Safe: Suburban Scary
The Winchester Trilogy: American Fear
Gravity was Everywhere Back Then: DIY Scary
Jane Eyre and the World of Scary Houses

Jane Eyre and the World of Scary Houses

While not an overt ghost story, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, influenced by the haunted house tales of its own era, casts a shadow over a subsequent century of them. Throughout the novel, there is much talk of ghosts as when the housekeeper Mrs. Fairfax tells Jane about a part of the mysterious manse, “if there were a ghost at Thornfield Hall, this would be its haunt.” A modern revival of gothic storytelling has meant that some of today’s cinema is very much in keeping with the issues dramatized by Bronte within Thornfield Hall. But as technology has marched forward, new inflections have been placed on the haunted house. “I often say that haunted house novels are a near-universally overlooked form of architectural writing,” quipped speculative architecture critic Geoff Manaugh in an interview.