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Cinemas of Rome

Updated August 24, 2010

Italians not only dress in style, but also go to stylish cinemas in Rome. Here are a few.

Slide 1: Cinemas of Rome
Slide 2: Cinema Barberini
Slide 3: Cinema dei Piccoli
Slide 4: Cinema Fiamma
Slide 5: Cinema Metropolitan
Slide 6: Cinema Moulin Rouge
Slide 7: Cinema Nuovo Olimpia
Slide 8: Cinema Teatro Maestoso
Slide 9: Salone Margherita
Slide 10: Spazio Etoile
Slide 1: Cinemas of Rome

Slide 1: Cinemas of Rome

In 61 BC, Romans built the Theater of Pompey, a massive structure to accommodate the city’s appetite for entertainment. While modern cinemas can’t match the Theater of Pompey for size, the many cinemas of Rome boast an interesting history all of their own. From the first films projected on the walls of building at night to modern cinemas, Rome is the city of cinema eternal, as the following slideshow illustrates.