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Bruno Coulais

Updated May 13, 2010

Meet the man who wrote the music for the Focus Features movies Babies and Coraline.

The Conservatory
The Cesars
Instruments and Coraline
The Conservatory

The Conservatory

The Paris-born composer Bruno Coulais got his start where most serious modern composers begin: in the conservatory. Studying violin and piano, Coulais expected to become a composer of 20th century classical music, following the path of such inspirations as Stravinsky and Ligeti. But he was detoured out of music school by a film director, Francois Reichenbach, who asked him to score a film about Mexico. Film music is often looked down upon by so-called “serious composers,” and Coulais initially shared that disdain. “I didn’t want to do that – for me, music had to be very pure,” he said. “But when I tried to do a bit of music for him, I discovered the pleasure of writing for pictures, and after I never stopped.”