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Berlin, Germany

Updated March 10, 2010

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Berlinale, Movie City takes a visit to Europe.

Berlin | City in Transition
Berlin | City of Neighborhoods
Berlin | City of Films
Berlin | City of the Movie Business
Berlin | City of Film Production
Berlin | City of Film Archives
Berlin | A City in the Movies
Berlin | City to Wander
Berlin | City in Transition

Berlin | City in Transition

In 1910, the German art critic Karl Scheffler wrote, “Berlin is a city condemned always to become, never to be." Since its founding in the 13th century, Berlin has morphed from a Prussian capital, to the center of the German Empire, to a hotspot of Weimar culture and decadence, to the unhappy seat of the Third Reich, to a city divided between the communist and free world, and finally a leader in the new Europe. Berlin has also continually transformed itself as a movie city; from the advent of German expressionism, to the decline during the Nazi period, to its rise again in the 60s and 70s due to the German New Wave and the Berlin Film Festival, the city is always becoming the next thing.