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Movie City | Tokyo, Japan

Posted May 04, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Tokyo, Japan"

Tokyo | City of History
Tokyo | City of Visitors
Tokyo | City of Cinemagoing
Tokyo | City of Festivals
Tokyo | City of Studios
Tokyo | City of History

Tokyo | City of History

Andy Warhol once said, “The most beautiful thing in Tokyo is McDonald's,” but then Warhol had a penchant for saying the unexpected (and apparently really liked McDonald’s). Tokyo, of course, is one of the great metropolitan centers of the world, a vibrant, bustling capital city that is one of the three global financial strongholds, along with New York and London. Originally a humble fishing village known as “Edo” (meaning “estuary,” because it sits in Tokyo Bay), it grew into a military stronghold and the country’s de facto capital, changing its name to Tokyo (meaning “Eastern capital”) when it became Japan’s Imperial capital in 1868.