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Drawn to Action: Graphic Artists Interpret Hanna

Posted April 19, 2011 to photo album "Drawn to Action: Graphic Artists Interpret Hanna"

Hanna wasn't adapted from a graphic novel, but its non-stop action and striking visuals make it feel like it was. We asked three graphic artists to retro-adapt the film to page.

The Visually Graphic Hanna
Jock: Hanna in the Snow
Jock: The Container Park
Jock: Erik
Aaron Minier:
Alan Brooks: Cate Blanchett
The Visually Graphic Hanna

The Visually Graphic Hanna

Clearly Joe Wright’s thriller Hanna is built for action. The heart-pounding chases, bone-crunching fights, and gun-popping villains are expressed with such visual panache that the film feels as if a graphic novel had come to life. But Hanna is wholly original, and not adapted from anything. To get a sense if what it might look like it we pulled Hanna off the screen and put it on the page, we asked three prominent graphic artist to give us their take on the action yarn.