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Hanna's Spree Park and Other Haunted Amusement Parks

Posted March 24, 2011 to photo album "Hanna's Spree Park and Other Haunted Amusement Parks"

Germany’s surreal Spree Park gets a cameo in Hanna. But it’s just one of dozens abandoned amusement parks that people still visit.

Spree Park (Berlin, Germany)
Six Flags (New Orleans, LA)
The Prehistoric Forest (Irish Hills, MI)
The Rocky Point Amusement Park (Warwick, RI)
Dogpatch USA (Marble Falls, AR)
Glen Echo Amusement Park (Glen Echo, MD)
Katoli World (Taichung, Taiwan)
Prypiat Amusement Park (Prypiat, Ukraine)
Takakanonuma Greenland Park (Hobara, Japan)
The Rocky Point Amusement Park (Warwick, RI)

The Rocky Point Amusement Park (Warwick, RI)

The Rocky Point Amusement Park began in the 1840s when Captain William Winslow set aside land to set up amusements and dining for his fellow citizens. While an 1883 fire destroyed the original site, by 1918 the park was rebuilt and earned the title “New England's most beautiful amusement park.” Yet no sooner had it regained its grandeur that catastrophe hit again with a 1938 hurricane nearly razing the park to the ground. By 1948, the park was back on top, and its popularity soared to new heights in the 50s and 60s. But what nature couldn’t do, economic recession could. By 1994 the park was closed due to bankruptcy.  For the next few years, building after building was destroyed by mysterious fires until the city in 2007 officially began demolition of the midway. At the same time, a documentary You Must Be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park captured its past glory.