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The Real Places of Jane Eyre's World

Posted February 24, 2011 to photo album "The Real Places of Jane Eyre's World"

Jane Eyre’s production designer Will Hughes-Jones and location manager Giles Edleston worked hard to find just the right places to capture the romantic landscape of Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece.

The Moor House
The Moor House (2)
Thornfield Hall
Thornfield Hall, after the fire
Jane's School
Thornfield Hall Country Side
The Moors
The Moors (2)
The Moors

The Moors

Actual Place: Stanage Edge

In the summer of 1845, Charlotte Brontë stayed for three weeks at Hathersage Church Vicarage. The next year, when she started writing Jane Eyre, the wild romantic landscape of that area occupied her imagination. One of the area’s most striking natural landmarks is the gritstone escarpment Stanage Edge––or simply Stanage (from "stone edge"). For years, the area, scattered with striking cliffs and massive boulders, has been favorite of hikers, and more recently rock climbers. Jane describes the area in a passage with St. John: “we reached the first stragglers of a battalion of rocks, guarding a sort of pass, beyond which the beck rushed down a waterfall; and where, still a little farther, the mountain shook off turf and flower, had only heath for raiment and crag for gem--where it exaggerated the wild to the savage, and exchanged the fresh for the frowning--where it guarded the forlorn hope of solitude, and a last refuge for silence.”