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Annette Bening’s Award-Winning Career

Posted January 24, 2011 to photo album "Annette Bening’s Award-Winning Career"

Since appearing in her first film, Annette Bening has also been a main stay of Award ceremonies, regularly winning awards for her performances.

The Kids Are All Right (2010): Golden Globe Winner
The Grifters (1990): Sexy and Comic
Bugsy (1991): Tough and Vulnerable
The American President (1995): Luminous
American Beauty (1999): Scathingly Funny
Being Julia (2004): Beauty, talent and charisma
Running With Scissors (2006):
Mrs. Harris (2006):
The Kids Are All Right (2010): Golden Globe Winner

The Kids Are All Right (2010): Golden Globe Winner

On January 16, 2011, Annette Bening won a Golden Globe award for Best Actress [Comedy/Musical] for her performance as Nic, the sharp-tongued, no-nonsense mom trying to bring up two teenage kids with her partner Jules (Julianne Moore).  In his rave review for New York Magazine, David Edelstein highlights Bening’s unique talent, demonstrated so stunningly in The Kids Are All Right: “Annette Bening has a genius for a kind of 'existential' acting—for illuminating the chink (or moat, or abyss) between a person’s front and the quivering creature underneath, desperately trying to hold the mask in place.” Edelstein was not alone in his appreciation. Bening has so far won a Best Actress award from New York Film Critics Award and Women Film Critics Circle, as well as the Hollywood Award for Actress [of the year]. She has also been nominated for Best Actress for various awards––yet to be handed out––including Screen Actors Guild Award, Spirit Award, and the BAFTAs.