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Joe Wright’s Five Films Behind Hanna

Posted April 11, 2011 to photo album "Joe Wright’s Five Films Behind Hanna"

Director Joe Wright recounts five very different films that helped him in creating Hanna.

Five Films Behind Hanna
Being There
Blue Velvet


Pasolini’s Teorema (or Theorem), which was a big influence on Hanna, is a simply structured film, almost like a triptych. There is a middle-class family living in Milan and this character shows up played by Terrence Stamp––obviously a very beautiful man––and they all think he is there for someone else. No one really questions his presence in this house. But they all open up to him. He doesn’t really say anything, offers no explanation for his being there. But each member of the family is kind of seduced by him, and allows him or herself to totally open up: the father becomes mad, the mother sexually obsessed, the young daughter goes into a frozen state, the son becomes an artist and the maid becomes a kind of saint. It's a very strange film, properly an art film, but a really interesting piece of work.  Theorem influenced in particular the section with the family.