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People in Film | Sofia Coppola

Posted October 20, 2010 to photo album "People in Film | Sofia Coppola"

A closer look at Sofia Coppola, the writer-director of Focus Features’ Somewhere, which won the Golden Lion at the 2010 Venice Film Festival.

Sofia Coppola | Beginnings
Sofia Coppola | Acting and Writing
Sofia Coppola | Modeling and Milk Fed
Sofia Coppola | First films
Sofia Coppola | Tokyo Song
Sofia Coppola | Versailles
Sofia Coppola | Checking into the Chateau
Sofia Coppola | Checking into the Chateau

Sofia Coppola | Checking into the Chateau

With her new Somewhere, Sofia Coppola has made a touching, delicate film that is as intimate in its focus as her Marie Antoinette was grand. As she told Anne Thompson at indieWIRE, “After Marie Antoinette, which was really fun and over the top, but it just involved so many people, I thought, ‘oh I’d really like to go back to doing something more intimate where I can just focus on one or two characters and a small crew.’” Somewhere tells the story of a burnt-out Hollywood actor, Johnny Marco, living at the Chateau Marmont while doing press for his new feature. When his ex-wife unexpectedly drops their 11-year-old daughter Cleo off at the Chateau, Johnny brings her into the fantasy world of his celebrity life while allowing their time together to point another forward for him. Comments Coppola, “The character of Cleo was inspired by a friend’s kid that age whose parents are in show business, but also by my memories of having a powerful father that people are attracted to being around and having a dad who did things that were kind of out of the ordinary. It’s not all me, but there’s things from my childhood.” Coppola premiered the film at Venice, where she had first shown Lost in Translation, and won the top prize. Quentin Tarantino headed the jury, and he said, “This film enchanted us from its first screening. It has the artistry we were looking for in a Golden Lion.”