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People in Film | Sofia Coppola

Posted October 20, 2010 to photo album "People in Film | Sofia Coppola"

A closer look at Sofia Coppola, the writer-director of Focus Features’ Somewhere, which won the Golden Lion at the 2010 Venice Film Festival.

Sofia Coppola | Beginnings
Sofia Coppola | Acting and Writing
Sofia Coppola | Modeling and Milk Fed
Sofia Coppola | First films
Sofia Coppola | Tokyo Song
Sofia Coppola | Versailles
Sofia Coppola | Checking into the Chateau
Sofia Coppola | Acting and Writing

Sofia Coppola | Acting and Writing

In 1986, Sofia Coppola was cast as Kathleen Turner’s sister in her father’s Peggy Sue Got Married, and in 1989 she wrote a short, Life without Zoe, that was her father’s contribution to the 1989 anthology picture, New York Stories. And then, when Winona Ryder dropped out at the last minute, her father cast her in his long-awaited The Godfather: Part III as Michael and Kay Corleone’s daughter Mary. She spoke of the experience to The Guardian’s Ella Taylor  in 2003. “I’ll try anything once,” she said. “I’m more interested in set-design, more visually driven. I was just trying to help out.” After The Godfather: Part III,  Coppola stepped behind the camera, becoming a creator in the world of film, video and fashion.