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Cinemas of Rome

Posted August 24, 2010 to photo album "Cinemas of Rome"

Italians not only dress in style, but also go to stylish cinemas in Rome. Here are a few.

Slide 1: Cinemas of Rome
Slide 2: Cinema Barberini
Slide 3: Cinema dei Piccoli
Slide 4: Cinema Fiamma
Slide 5: Cinema Metropolitan
Slide 6: Cinema Moulin Rouge
Slide 7: Cinema Nuovo Olimpia
Slide 8: Cinema Teatro Maestoso
Slide 9: Salone Margherita
Slide 10: Spazio Etoile
Slide 9: Salone Margherita

Slide 9: Salone Margherita

Opened in 1898 as a music hall, the Salone Margherita was named as tribute to Margherita di Savoia, Italy's first queen, the wife of the then-current monarch, Umberto I. Designed as a showcase of “belle epoque” extravagance, the theater has been primarily used for stage shows and theater spectacles. In addition, it is occasionally doubles as a cinema.