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Mary Zophres Shows Up and Suits Up

Posted January 08, 2010 to photo album "Mary Zophres Shows Up and Suits Up"

Go behind the scenes with Mary Zophres, the costume designer of A Serious Man, and click through a slideshow of her work.

Slide 1: Mary Zophres, Suited Up
Slide 2: A Serious Man - Making the 60s Square
Slide 3: A Serious Man - Clothes Make the Swinging Man
Slide 4: Fargo - Before Its Time
Slide 5: The Big Lebowski - "Terminally Relaxed"
Slide 6: O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Dressing Down
Slide 7: The Man Who Wasn't There - Putting Color in Black and White
Slide 8: Catch Me If You Can - A World of Costume Changes
Slide 8: Catch Me If You Can - A World of Costume Changes

Slide 8: Catch Me If You Can - A World of Costume Changes

“I think why I really love period film is because I am a bit of a control freak. On a period film, no one questions that you should dress everyone. On Catch Me If You Can, everyone looked great because we controlled the dress, and we had great hair and make up. The challenge was that we shot 90% of the film in Los Angeles, but we had to make it look like it was taking place all over the world. So how do you make it look like they’re in Atlanta? In New York? In France? Since most of the action takes place in the sixties, we made just slight changes in the types of clothes to suggest the different places.”