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Greenberg and Other Character Studies

Posted March 08, 2010 to photo album "Greenberg and Other Character Studies"

Noah Baumbach’s comedy Greenberg probes the psyche of a man in search of himself. We consider other films that study character.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: Citizen Kane - Character as perception
Slide 3: Sunset Boulevard - Character as reflection
Slide 4: The Searchers - Character as manifest destiny
Slide 5: Taxi Driver - character as psychosis
Slide 6: The Entertainer - Character as characters
Slide 7: The Motorcycle Diaries - Character as destiny
Slide 8: Le Samouraï - Character as style
Slide 9: Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles - Character as surface
Slide 10: The Ice Storm - Character as cultural confusion
Slide 11: All That Jazz - Character study as musical
Slide 12: The Graduate - Character as ambivalence
Slide 13: Sweet Smell of Success - Character as calculation
Slide 14: What is yours?
Slide 7: The Motorcycle Diaries - Character as destiny

Slide 7: The Motorcycle Diaries - Character as destiny

One of the perverse joys of watching Walter Salles’ The Motorcycle Diaries, an adventure-filled travelogue of a young Argentine medical student Che Guevara (Gabriel García Bernal) and his friend Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna), is that we know what they don’t––their destiny. However as viewers what we don’t know is what events and circumstances helped mold the mind of a revolutionary. In short, we know the history the character helped create, but not the history that made Guevara into who he would be come. For Salles, “Guevara is such an extraordinarily complex character that you need to listen to all the sources to capture as many angles as you can…It’s really a journey of finding one’s identity, it’s a journey of understanding who we are and in what place of the world we want to be and fight for.”