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Not your Bubbe’s Jewish site

Posted October 29, 2009 to photo album "Not your Bubbe’s Jewish site"

Since the advent of Heeb, a wave of new media has popped up for both reverent and irreverent Jewish hipsters.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: Heeb
Slide 3: Jewlicious
Slide 4: Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture
Slide 5: Guilt and Pleasure
Slide 6: Habitus
Slide 7: Jewcy
Slide 8: Tablet
Slide 7: Jewcy

Slide 7: Jewcy

Like many of the other sites, Jewcy wants to expand, even explode, the concepts of Jewish identity. Many times they find themselves pushing buttons when they push the limits of what it means to be a Jew. Editor Lilit Marcus explains that “anytime I write about my own Jewish identity––I’m half Jewish–– I don’t think that of it as a big idea. But then I get a new wave of people, who are “whoa you are not Jewish” “But in expanding Jewish identity, Jewcy also stand up for those who’ve experience similar histories. Marcus says, “I am most proud about a piece our founder Joey Kurzman did on the Armenian Genocide.” The article “Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide Now” distributed a petition online and the organizers worked with the Armenian embassy to form a peace march. Of course, there are also the more prosaic pieces like, “The Goyls Next Door,” Jessica Pauline’s answer to “Where have all the Jewish Playmates Gone?” [Jewcy]