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A Serious Man NYC Premiere

Posted September 25, 2009 to photo album "A Serious Man NYC Premiere"

The new Coen brothers movie had its gala premiere at the historic Ziegfeld Theatre as part of the Friars Club Comedy Festival, and FilmInFocus was there to shoot the action.

Slide 1: The Actor in Profile
Slide 2: Serious Smiles
Slide 3: The Coens in Focus
Slide 4: Is That a Dybbuk?
Slide 5: Dapper As Ever
Slide 6: Sam the Man
Slide 7: Seeing A New Side to Mrs. Gopnik
Slide 6: Sam the Man

Slide 6: Sam the Man

Sam Mendes, who directed Away We Go for Focus Features earlier this year and is now working on Netherland for the studio, also turned up to catch the Coens’ latest.