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Mary Zophres Shows Up and Suits Up

Posted January 08, 2010 to photo album "Mary Zophres Shows Up and Suits Up"

Go behind the scenes with Mary Zophres, the costume designer of A Serious Man, and click through a slideshow of her work.

Slide 1: Mary Zophres, Suited Up
Slide 2: A Serious Man - Making the 60s Square
Slide 3: A Serious Man - Clothes Make the Swinging Man
Slide 4: Fargo - Before Its Time
Slide 5: The Big Lebowski - "Terminally Relaxed"
Slide 6: O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Dressing Down
Slide 7: The Man Who Wasn't There - Putting Color in Black and White
Slide 8: Catch Me If You Can - A World of Costume Changes
Slide 6: O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Dressing Down

Slide 6: O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Dressing Down

O Brother, Where Art Thou? was tricky, because the characters had just escaped from prison, so the clothes they stole from the first farm house were going to be what they wore during most of the movie. We tried George Clooney in different ensembles before we landed on the overalls. I had sketched him in overalls, and Joel worried that we wouldn’t be able to get away with it. But Clooney wearing overalls was a funny dichotomy. Because George is so handsome, it counterbalanced how good looking he is. What really helped in developing the look of the film was discovering in a Miami bookstore a photo book, One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression by the writer Eudora Welty. It had the perfect look.”