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Some Other "Other" Mothers

Posted February 18, 2009 to photo album "Some Other "Other" Mothers"

Slide 1: Other Mother (Coraline)
Slide 2: Beverly R. Sutphin (Serial Mom)
Slide 3: Eleanor Iselin (The Manchurian Candidate)
Slide 4: Angela Petrelli (Heroes)
Slide 5: Edith Bouvier Beale (Grey Gardens)
Slide 6: Deirdre Burroughs (Running with Scissors)
Slide 7: Claire Roth (In a Country of Mothers)
Slide 8: Eva (We Need to Talk About Kevin)
Slide 9: Joan Crawford (Mommie Dearest)
Slide 10: Mrs. Violet Venable (Suddenly, Last Summer)
Slide 11: Mrs. Robinson (The Graduate)
Slide 12: Margaret White (Carrie)
Slide 13: Livia Soprano (The Sopranos)
Slide 14: Wanda Holloway (The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom)
Slide 15: Barbara Baekeland (Savage Grace)
Slide 16: Medea (Medea)
Slide 17: Alexis Carrington (Dynasty)
Slide 6: Deirdre Burroughs (Running with Scissors)

Slide 6: Deirdre Burroughs (Running with Scissors)

Deirdre Burroughs first appeared in Augusten Burroughs best-selling memoir Running With Scissors, and then was later embodied by Annette Bening in a film adaptation of that same book. If the 70s super mom wanted it all—home, career, children, creative expression—Deirdre was content with leaving children off her list. A bipolar, narcissistic poet who leaves her son in the crazed household of a pedophile psychotherapist in order get some "me" time, Deirdre saw parenting as an inconvenient truth to be argued away. In the book, she treats abandoning her son as a parting of two mature, consenting adults: "You are an adult," she said. "You're thirteen years 7old. You've got a mind and a will of your own. And I have my own needs right now. My writing is very important to me and I should hope that it would be important to you."