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Berlin: City in the Movies

Posted February 19, 2010 to photo album "Berlin: City in the Movies"

Scott Macaulay clicks through the various characters this city has played.

Slide 1: Berlin - A City in Film
Slide 2: Metropolis - City of the Future
Slide 3: M - City of Fear
Slide 4: One, Two, Three - City of the West
Slide 5: Torn Curtain - City of Spies
Slide 6: Cabaret - City of Excess
Slide 7: Berlin Alexanderplatz - City of Consciousness
Slide 8: Christiane F - City of Drugs
Slide 9: Taxi zum Klo - City of Sex
Slide 10: Wings of Desire - City of Angels
Slide 11: Good Bye, Lenin - City of the East
Slide 5: Torn Curtain - City of Spies

Slide 5: Torn Curtain - City of Spies

By the time of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1966 Torn Curtain, the politics of the Cold War were the new reality. Paul Newman stars as an American scientist, George Armstrong, who seems to be primed to defect to the East during a visit to East Berlin — much to the dismay of his fiancée, played by Julie Andrews. Soon, though, Armstrong confides that he’s faking his disloyalty in order to obtain secrets about a Communist anti-missile system. Interestingly, at a time in which many directors were shooting in Europe to bring an authenticity to their tales, Hitchcock used the studio backlot to double for his Berlin locations.