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On the Record: Anton Corbijn's Album Art

Posted July 30, 2010 to photo album "On the Record: Anton Corbijn's Album Art"

In anticipation of the release of the George Clooney hitman movie The American, Nick Dawson looks at the famous record covers shot by the film’s director, Anton Corbijn.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2:  Steely Dan – Greatest Hits (1978)
Slide 3: Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Ice Cream for Crow (1982)
Slide 4: U2 – War (1983)
Slide 5: U2 – The Joshua Tree (1987)
Slide 6: Herbert Grönemeyer – What's All This (1988)
Slide 7: Depeche Mode – 101 (1989)
Slide 8: R.E.M. – Automatic for the People (1992)
Slide 9: Sophie Zelmani – Love Affair (2003)
Slide 10: The Killers – Sam's Town (2006)
Slide 4: U2 – War (1983)

Slide 4: U2 – War (1983)

U2 is one of the bands most closely associated with Anton Corbijn, and not surprisingly since the collaborative relationship between the two has existed for nearly three decades. However, initially Corbijn was very resistant to the idea of working with the band. At the time, they showed promise but were a long way away from being the world-conquering stadium rock group they are now. The first time Corbijn met U2 was in New Orleans in February 1982. “They were playing on a boat moored on the Mississippi,” he recalls, “and I thought, ‘OK, I'll listen to a couple of songs just to prove I was there then I'll leave.’ I didn't realize the boat would set off, so I had to stay for the gig. I liked the guys and ended up traveling with them and did more pictures. It was the beginning of a friendship.” The gatefold image taken by Corbijn for the band’s 1983 album War saw a starker, more mature side of the band; Bono has said that Corbijn’s special quality was that he photographed U2’s music rather than just U2, that he saw in them aspects they didn’t even see themselves. [Buy]