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The Inn Crowd: Hotels from Somewhere to "Satori"

Posted November 05, 2010 to photo album "The Inn Crowd: Hotels from Somewhere to "Satori""

In setting Somewhere at L.A.’s famed Chateau Marmont, Sofia Coppola tapped into that hotel’s mythic past. We look at other hotels whose histories define them.

Slide 1: Somewhere at the Chateau Marmont
Slide 2: Fantasy at the Chateau Marmont
Slide 3: High Jinx at the Chateau Marmont
Slide 4: Staying at the Chateau Mamont
Slide 5: The Algonquin's Round Table
Slide 6: The Algonquin's Vicious Circle
Slide 7: Life and Death at the Chelsea Hotel
Slide 8: Edie at The Chelsea Hotel
Slide 9: Eloise at The Plaza
Slide 10: Hitchcock at The Plaza
Slide 11: Truman at The Plaza
Slide 12: The Savoy and its Stars
Slide 13: The Savoy and its Scandals
Slide 14: The Savoy and its Subjects
Slide 15: Coco at the Ritz
Slide 16: Coward at the Ritz
Slide 17: Hemingway at the Ritz
Slide 18: A Meeting of Minds at the Hotel Pont-Royal
Slide 19: A Parting of Ways at the Hotel Pont-Royal
Slide 20: A Rendezvous at the Hotel Pont-Royal
Slide 21: Hoshi Ryokan is Built
Slide 22: Hoshi Ryokan becomes a Hotel
Slide 4: Staying at the Chateau Mamont

Slide 4: Staying at the Chateau Mamont

An early photo of the hotel, and the cover of Chateau Marmont Hollywood Handbook, the definitive history of the hotel edited by its current owner André Balazs. Helmut Newton, who took the picture of a model on the hotel’s penthouse for the cover of the book, died on January 23, 2004, when his car crashed into a wall as he was wending his way up the Chateau Marmont driveway.

Chateau Marmont Hollywood Handbook, a compendium of stories about the Chateau collected by its owner André Balazs, tells the history of this West Hollywood hostel in loving and sordid detail with anecdotes from many of its long-term guests. Jay McInerney, who adapted for the screen Bright Lights, Big City, his own novel about life in New York, while staying at the Hollywood retreat, quips, “It’s the kind of place where you feel over-dressed in a tie and underdressed without a cigarette.” For Sandra Bullock, “It has an incredibly seductive atmosphere. No wonder people come here to have affairs—it's got that air of history, where you know a lot of people did things they weren't supposed to do.”